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About Us

Resultus Ltd is established as a leading regional Water and Energy industry player, offering a comprehensive range of services for all common applications. Products are sourced from leading international manufacturers.

Core Values


To bring to each project a level of experience, Professionalism and continuity that enables us to continue providing attractive, functional , cost effective and concrete solutions for our clients. Our ability to succeed in today’s competitive construction industry is our only founding core values.


Team Work: Work collectively to achieve a common vision and goal Commitment: Strong believe, responsible, dedication Enthusiasm Honesty: Be truthful and non-deceptive in com-munication and conduct Integrity: To do what we say and maintain consistency between our beliefs and our behavior.


To become world class comparable in every way to the best of international standards by demonstrating customer satisfaction as our highest priority, exceptional levels of perfor-mance, professionalism and integrity. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. To deliver highly integrated solution to our customers.


We strongly believe that stakeholders must be entitled to a healthful, safe, clean and enjoy-able working environment. For us prevention of accidents is both our moral obligations as well as good business. Hence we believe that safety and efficient protection of our employees, environment and the public is mandatory. Innovative thinking ensures that safety is always recognized as an integral part of our business. Our safety slogan is thus “ safety, our life, our priority”.

The company


We’re looking for long-term goals. People with the courage to take chances. Who understand that making a difference takes passion, patience, and persistence.

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Renewable Energy

Almost any commercial or industrial firm can benefit from solar energy, regardless of size, whether you run a tiny business, own or rent huge offices, a manufacturing plant, or a warehouse.

Sustainable Energy

Resultus Limited wants to collaborate with organizations on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects that protect the environment. Among other things, these programs/activities will involve planting trees, irrigation, sinking boreholes, and cleanup.